New Revenue Opportunities

Partica opens up new revenue from your existing content

Unique advertising for mobile responsive editions

The Partica platform offers PDF to HTML – responsive, reflowable mobile editions. 

Publisher Revenue Opportunities with Partica


The new digital edition

Flipbooks do not render well on mobile, and that’s where your readers are spending more and more time. Partica gives you flipbooks and beautiful responsive HTML editions – all from your print PDF.

Makes sense to offer your advertisers new and unique opportunities that are responsive and get noticed. We have created an example media kit that your sales team can use to drive new ad revenue.

There are new native advertising formats and advertisers can even have a dedicated section to promote their offerings. For the more conservative, full and half page advertisements are cut out and placed inside articles, just like in print. 

Digital editions are just the start. Partica opens up a whole new world.

Publish evergreen content

Unlimited flipbook publishing means you can upload your entire back issue archive and have it online in just a matter of hours. The same technology that produces the mobile responsive edition gives evergreen content a new life.

Publisher Revenue Opportunities with Partica


Evergreen content is gold

You would be amazed at the value that digitizing your print archive brings to your brand. Even more surprising is how cost effective it is to create a digital archive using Partica.

What is incredible though, is how easily Partica enables you to search your old PDF’s for evergreen content and then extract articles for re-use on your website, in blogs, for your social media channels or email.

  • Your entire archive can be uploaded and converted in hours
  • OCR and search makes it easy to find evergreen content
  • Extract articles in minutes
  • Push your articles into social, email or your CMS.

It’s not just your readers. Business wants your content too.

Your newsletter services

There are businesses looking for content. Your content. Partica can help you find it for them.

Publisher Revenue Opportunities with Partica


Email Is What Consumers Want from Brands

A recent survey by Adobe indicated that 61% of consumers prefer to receive offers via email. 40% of consumers said that they wish email content was less promotional and more informative. That’s where you come in.

Businesses (some of which are your current advertisers) need content for their email campaigns. You have the content, and with Partica, you have an out-of-the-box email newsletter service that will generate ongoing revenue.

All you need to do is curate a regular email for your service, which helps you with, constantly surfacing fresh, evergreen content. 

You should get paid for sharing. Encourage people to pay for your content.

Get paid for content use

An email newsletter is only one way to get paid for your content. Welcome to the Article Economy.

Publisher Revenue Opportunities with Partica


Content Marketing

Imagine creating a complete micro-site for an advertiser in less than an hour? That is exactly what Partica can help you do. Search, collate and publish in just minutes.

Some of your advertisers will want bespoke content marketing services for their own marketing efforts. Partica makes it easy. For businesses that don’t know you, they can find your content in the Article Economy. 

The Article Economy is the world’s largest marketplace of ready made niche content. Partica is redefining content syndication for the modern age.

Sign up for Partica today and start earning new revenue!