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Partica’s intelligent engine, learns about your content on many different levels. Using this information when searching for content gives incredible insight and delivers far more than just results based on keywords.

Content Discovery with Partica


Artificial Intelligence for your content

The is a deep learning system that analyses all content contextually; for subject matter, tone, context, keyword and phrases; and semantically – to understand the meaning, intention, readability and relevance. continually resurfaces and suggests relevant content for you to consider removing the need for you to search your archive. continuously learns from your selections and improves its relevance and performance each time you engage with the platform.

Your tagging is never complete. tags and categorises your content for you.

Continuous content classification

If content is not tagged, how do you get it back out?

content classification


Automatic taxonomy

Having a huge amount of content is not practical if you don’t know what’s there and it’s not categorized properly. automatically analyzes your content and adds metadata that will make discovery much easier. 

The more content that is given, the better it gets at analyzing and categorizing your content. You benefit because gets to learn from all of the content in the platform, not just yours, and it continuously re-examines your content to update your tags based on its learning.

See your content differently. A new visual way to discover content.

Visual content exploration

A visual representation of your content gives you unique insight into what and how much content you have.

Content Discovery with Partica


Word clouds suddenly have meaning

No doubt you have come across a word cloud before, but now, far from being a novelty, the Partica 3D word cloud explorer helps you see things you didn’t know about your content.

Instantly you can see how much content in relation you have about people, places and objects. You can zoom in to see even the smallest references and discover little known articles deep in your archive.

Choosing a word is just the start of the discovery journey as the ai engine finds the exact content you are looking for.

Relationships are not just for your customers. Your content has relationships as well.

Traverse your relationships graphically

With on your side, you will always have inspiration for your blog or email. Pick a topic and see where the path leads.

Content Discovery with Partica


Start a new relationship with your content

If you need to find content for your next email or social media post, simply start with a topic and see where you end up. looks into the relationships that your topics have within your content. Where you end up might surprise you. compares every topic to every other topic to see what’s related. No bias, no need to recall what content was created months or years ago. The relationship  graph is a living moving spider-web of ideas that you traverse by simply clicking.

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